"At its best transportation makes the American dream possible"- Pete Buttigieg. Pete, former Mayor of the City of South Bend, and his team's vision to connect people to jobs and critical services through incentives simply recognizes what it is that makes the world go round… rewards for good behavior do …

For commuters who can’t walk or bike to work, driving alone is the safest transportation option, increasing single occupancy vehicles, traffic and poor air quality. As much as we hate that reality, we’re welcoming it now. How will transport authorities and employers manage a safe mobility plan for commuters?

The BAC community will be using the scale-tested Hytch platform to deliver micro cash incentives as the nudge to promote positive changes in mobility behavior. A TDM platform that connects people to job opportunities and critical services while promoting the habits of safer, greener, smarter mobility.

Hytch gets listed at #16 in this story by Deborah Sweeney. This story brings attention to our innovative approach to help employers incentivize their employee's Shelter in Place experience. This function has evolved, giving organizations a simple tool to help manage quarantine policy.