WEBINAR: Bridging the Gap: Leading a Citizen’s Journey to the City of Tomorrow

This conversation for thought leaders explored the vision for a new mobility culture which focuses on rewarding people for their participation in smart mobility choices. Smart organizations around the world are influencing and tracking smart commutes. Be a part of the change in leading a citizen's journey to the city of tomorrow.

Featured Speakers included Dr. James Kuffner (Ph.D. Stanford), Michael Skipper, Executive Director, Greater Nashville Regional Council and Dr Charles Apigian Director of the Data Sciences Institute at Middle Tennessee State University.

Dr Kuffner is responsible for building Toyota's Smart City and Chief Digital Officer, Board of Directors Member, Toyota. As a Hytch investor and formal advisor to leadership, Dr. Kuffner shared insights on what the cities of tomorrow will bring and how leaders can chart a path to get there, engaging citizens on their journey. Hear his views on the value of data, green mobility, and our journey to get there.

Michael Skipper introduced the groundbreaking initiative deploying Surface Transportation Block Grant (“STBG”) funds for Nashville's "Technology in Transit" program.

Dr Apigian gave us a brief data dive what the true cost of incentivizing mobility behavior change of participants who ride share or drive alone.


Dr James Kuffner

Chief Digital Officer & CEO

Toyota & Toyota AI Research

Michael Skipper

Executive Director

Greater Nashville Regional Council

Dr Charlie Apigian

Professor and Director

Middle Tennessee State Data Sciences Institute

Mark Cleveland

CEO & Co-founder

Hytch Rewards