Data shows 60% of Americans are still moving around, reporting to work while many are working from home, under a mandatory or voluntary “sheltering in place” order. We all expect to manage the new normal and get moving again so here are some tips to keep you safe.

“It’s becoming painfully clear,” says Dr. Craig Philip, who’s also Director of the Vanderbilt Center for Transportation and Operational Resiliency (VECTOR), “that demand has saturated our aging infrastructure and we must look for workable ways to moderate demand, especially for single occupant automobile trips.”

Mark Cleveland, Co-Founder and Chairman of Hytch, joins Deb Macfarlan Enright to share how the Hytch Rewards platform is helping change behaviors and address the various obstacles of mobility by incentivizing people to use their own social networks to share rides with trips that are also completely carbon neutral.

Major metropolitan areas throughout the country are experiencing a congestion crisis. Implementing congestion pricing is a measure to moderate traffic. But it’s a punitive approach that adds to commuting costs, affecting low-income commuters the most, and raising the question about the social equity of congestion pricing.

Hytch Rewards CEO, Mark Cleveland, was honored to be an Imagine 2019 speaker at Lipscomb University. Cleveland spoke on how to turn ideas into innovation through connecting and working together with a community towards a common goal.

“I’ve earned a little over $200.” Hytchers, meet Jessica. She’s what we like to call a “Hytch Hero”. Like all of our Hytch Heroes, Jessica is tired of being stuck behind a wheel and having her day eaten up by traffic congestion.