Top 3 reasons former Director of Environmental Quality supports Hytch

Hych is a company built on a single idea: make sharing rides a rewarding experience. In just over 1 year, more than 12,000 users have supported this idea in Nashville alone. These users have collectively shared nearly 7 Million miles and prevented roughly 2,800 tonnes of CO2 from being released into the atmosphere.

Metrics like these have captured the imagination and support of industry and environmental experts across the country. Counted among them is newly appointed Hytch advisor, Dick Pederson. Dick served as president of the Environmental Council of States, Director of Environmental Quality (DEQ) between 2008 and 2016 for the state of Oregon, and now counts himself as a devoted user of the Hytch Rewards app.

We sat down with Mr. Pederson to talk to him about what his top 3 reasons were for deciding to lend his expertise to Hytch and become an advisor. Here’s what he had to say:

1. Hytch enables you to track your personal carbon footprint
Hytch provides a great opportunity to change the transportation mentality in this country,” Dick explained.

We can actually measure how much we are saving in terms of carbon reduction.

This is especially true now as Hytch has released an all new trip summary dashboard in the app that breaks down how you are helping the environment each time you share a ride anywhere in the country.


2. Hytching can help save on commute costs like fuel & parking
Pederson told us that what he appreciates most about Hytch is the app’s ability to change how people approach commuting to work.

This idea that everybody in a family needs to have a car—and one extra, just in case—is something that isn’t going to serve our environment.

But a tool like Hytch helps people realize they don’t need to commute by themselves, and gets them to think twice before getting in a car alone. More employees in fewer vehicles has also proven to have a host of benefits for employers who use the Hytch platform to reward employees to share rides to work.

Now Hytch provides you a snapshot of the amount of fuel cost savings you earn each time you share a ride on the platform.


3. Hytch can help preserve our environment by relieving the need for increased infrastructure
“The pressure on our transportation system, especially in bigger communities, is very real,” Pederson emphasized. "The easiest, most sustainable way to address this congestion crisis is to make sharing rides a celebrated form of mobility."

Civic leaders and organizations who have sponsored their community through the platform have recognized this and are making measurable impacts to their communities’ health and air quality by rewarding people to share rides through Hytch.

Bring it all together

For users anywhere in the country, Hytch Rewards has become a simple way to turn their shared commutes into carbon neutral travel. For companies, it creates an opportunity to reward employees to commute together to work, arriving in fewer vehicles and preserving limited, costly parking spaces. But for people like Dick Pederson, Hytch represents exactly what this country needs to fight both the climate and the congestion crises.


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