How To Find Inspiration

Hytch Rewards CEO, Mark Cleveland, was honored to be an Imagine 2019 speaker at Lipscomb University. Among other presenters were celebrated thought leader on innovation, Walter Isaacson, and singers Natalie Grant and Wintley Phipps.

Cleveland spoke on how to turn ideas into innovation through connecting and working together with a community towards a common goal. His secret to success includes three steps:

  1. Find your community and take a seat at the table.
  2. Stay focused on problem solving and don't get up from the table.
  3. Keep believing and invite others to the table.

"We believe we can influence change and we can make a difference." - Mark Cleveland

And that's exactly what the Hytch Rewards team is doing. The US. American commuters travel over 1 BILLION miles on any given workday, and 73.4% of those commuters are traveling alone in a car. The opportunity for change is both vast and urgent.

By working with employers and other sponsors, the Hytch app is helping change commuter behavior to make a positive impact on traffic congestion and air quality. Together with companies like Nissan and Sprint, Hytch app users are being inspired every day to change the way they commute and make a positive impact on the community.