Delete Me Policy

Effective January 1, 2020

Hytch does not sell User data to third parties. You may choose to disassociate your name, mobile phone and email address from trip records. To complete this process on demand, go to the app navigation menu, tap the “settings” tab and then tap the “Erase Account” button at the bottom of the screen. This is an unrecoverable action that immediately deactivates your account and all undistributed incentives are immediately forfeit.

Employers and advertisers (collectively “Sponsors”) on our system are paying for your carbon offset when you use the Hytch Rewards platform. Sponsors may also offer cash incentives for certain qualified trips. These incentives are a direct compensation to you for mobility data. In exchange for such compensation and your free use of the Hytch platform, in accordance with our privacy policy, you give your permission to log your geolocation and other data with every trip. For the purposes of financial audit and fraud protection, we retain records of all PayPal accounts used to distribute any funds and your (now anonymous) trip history will remain in the aggregate, as derivative, and available to Sponsors who compensated you for that trip data.

Hytch intentionally does not track Users unless and until the User has initiated a “solo trip” or sends an invitation to another User that is also accepted by that User.

Hytch provides you with immediate access to all trip data collected, so there’s no reason and no additional process for you to request such data from Hytch. After each use of the app you see a “Trip Summary” that fully discloses each company that sponsored your trip. This is also stored in a “Trip History” file where you can see trip information on demand, over time. This history includes sponsors of that trip, date, time, the trip impact grade, participants listed and a map detailing your trip; representing all the geolocation data collected. When your trip ends, this information will be applied to the sponsor specified incentive database. This is the process by which Hytch calculates if a User qualifies for additional incentives, if any. Sponsors design rewards based on a start or end location, might specify a preferred route, vehicle information, type or mode, a date and time of day and other variables including a “promo code” or an employer provided unique identifier to determine eligibility. Incentives may vary between Users on the same trip based on all these variables, including the voluntary contribution by any User of their association with participating companies using promo codes.

You may disassociate your name, mobile phone number and email address from our records, subject to this policy.

Currently, you may request to delete your account by filling out our contact form and selecting the help topic “Delete My Account”.