3 a.m. Podcast: Incentivizing Mobility with Money for Social Change


Mark Cleveland, Co-Founder and Chairman of Hytch, joins Deb Macfarlan Enright to share how the Hytch Rewards platform is helping change behaviors, impact social change, and address the various obstacles of mobility by incentivizing people to use their own social networks to share rides with trips that are also completely carbon neutral.

A sneak peak of what's in this podcast

  • A shoutout to the team who helped Hytch become what it is today.

  • Where did the idea of Hytch come from?

  • Ways companies can benefit from their employees' shared "windshield time".

  • You already share more rides than you think.

  • Excuses we tell ourselves about why we can't share rides.

  • How sharing rides can be the least expensive solution to the congestion crisis.

  • Benefits to sharing rides you probably never thought of.