User Feature: Jessica C

“I’ve earned a little over $200.”

Hytchers, meet Jessica. She’s what we like to call a “Hytch Hero”. Like all of our Hytch Heroes, Jessica is tired of being stuck behind a wheel and having her day eaten up by traffic congestion.

“Traffic in the city has changed a lot over the years.”

As a native Nashvillian, Jessica has seen the population of the city she loves skyrocket over the last decade or so. To keep road rage from becoming a part of her daily life, Jessica decided to do herself and the community a favor by taking public transportation on her weekly work commutes. It was on one of these bus trips that she was introduced to Hytch Rewards.

Now Jessica has become one of our top users, hytching up a storm and racking up over 10k shared miles. She’s grown her community on the bus too, now if she is running late, she texts her fellow Hytchers to let the driver know she’s on the way.

“Monday through Friday I always Hytch to and from Nashville [on the bus] and then if me and my family are in the car together we Hytch up as well... just going to any of our destinations really. As long as we’re traveling together we have it on”

Thanks to Hytch Rewards, Jessica has been able to track her positive impact on the environment, connect with new friends and put a little extra cash in her pocket.

Check out this quick interview clip where we dig in to learn more about the Hytch Hero origin story of Jessica: Avid Hytcher, loving wife, caring mother and proud pet parent of three dogs, two horses, six chickens, and a few other furry creatures in Dickson TN.