Webinar: Contact Tracing: Driving Participation, Scale & Innovation from a Mobility Framework

The COVID-19 pandemic has shown us that dramatic behavior change, at unprecedented scale, is not only possible, it offers us real time evidence of how critical it is to nudge and to invest in behavior change solutions for the health and environmental challenges we must solve. With COVID-19, employees are justifiably demanding a safer workplace. Now is also the time to address their demand for a safer commute to the workplace. A safe workplace depends on timely data, and a verified commute to that location using a personal mobility log helps to make contact tracing more efficient.

In the context of mobility strategy, we should absorb, adapt to and also leverage the pandemic driven policy and behavior changes that benefit society, while planning how best to measure and motivate additional changes in our mobile future.


Gov. Martin O' Malley

Director of Mobility Innovation

City of South Bend

Aaron Steiner

Director of Mobility Innovation

City of South Bend

Dr Trish Holliday


Founder, Holliday | Kenning

Dr Charlie Apigian

Professor and Director

Middle Tennessee State Data Sciences Institute

Mark Cleveland

CEO & Co-founder

Hytch Rewards

Bill Walton

NBA Legend

Sean Pfalzer

Transportation Planning Manager

Greater Regional Nashville Council