23 Small Business Pivots During COVID-19

Hytch gets listed at #16 in this story by Deborah Sweeney, detailing the notable "23 Small Business Pivots During Covid-19". This focus on paradigm changes driven by the pandemic is a great contribution by My Corporation, where entrepreneurs are welcome and we wanted to congratulate everyone working to beat this virus.

While this story brought attention to our revolutionary approach to help employers incentivize their employee's Shelter in Place experience, this function has evolved, giving organizations a simple tool to help manage quarantine policy.

Commuter Wellness

The innovation continues with our subsequent introduction of the customizable Commuter Wellness Pledge and other contact tracing support provided to Hytch clients and users.

"At Hytch, we believe rewards are the most effective tool for influencing human behavior," says Mark A. Cleveland, Co-Founder and CEO. "Leaders can't take for granted the influence of incentives on company culture."

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