Hytch Trailblazer Sponsor of BAC 2020 Pacific Summit

Hytch Banners-BAC-2020

As organizations respond to the mobility and communication challenges that the COVID-19 pandemic presents, Hytch Rewards offers new options for respecting privacy and reinforcing good behavior, from incentives for self-quarantine to America's first, free carbon zero commute. What is Hytch Rewards?

Hytch Rewards is an award-winning, incentive-based mobility platform (a free iPhone and Android app) that allows employers, universities and municipalities (any public or private sponsor) to verify and incentivize desirable modes of travel for a greener, safer and smarter commute. Hytch was tapped early this year by South Bend, Indiana in an ambitious Bloomberg Smart Cities initiative to connect people with job opportunities and critical services to achieve more equitable and efficient mobility.

In Nashville, where almost 20,000 people moved over 12 million miles using Hytch, this opt-in system provides each user with a personal mobility log that inspires, educates and rewards Hytch users for their participation. Every mile logged with Hytch is a carbon zero commute because Hytch partners with Carbon Credit Capital to voluntarily offset the direct emissions for every Hytch mile driven.

Sponsors using the Hytch system can design a variety of mode-specific, tax-efficient mobility incentives that match worksite-specific recruiting or retention objectives and that remain sensitive to all available transit assets. Hytch provides invaluable data insights to sponsors for today’s rapidly changing mobility ecosystem - including data that supports contact tracing objectives in our response to this pandemic.

Hytch Rewards is delighted to sponsor the Bay Area Council’s 2020 Pacific Summit. Hytch is proud to be a founding partner of the Bay Area Council transportation demand management coalition and looks forward to working together to help reinforce greener, safer and smarter mobility.


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