‘Driving alone is safer’ in today’s COVID-19 world

Businesses may be slowly reopening this summer, but it won’t be business as usual for a long time - for at least as long as COVID-19 is still circulating, and perhaps for … ever. Chief among the changes we’re likely to see is how we maintain social distancing while commuting to and from work. Newly educated about the dangers of crowded spaces, we’re understandably skittish when it comes to mass transit.


For commuters who can’t walk or bike to work (a CDC recommended favorite), driving alone is the safest transportation option. But that means a return of single occupancy vehicles, increased traffic and parking congestion and reduced air quality. As much as we hate that slow crawling, bumper-to-bumper reality - one we remember all too well - we’re actually ready for it, welcoming it, in fact, in contrast to our present reality of economic recession and hardship.

Given CDC guidelines, employers should track and reward with actual cash ANY trip to their workplace, driven alone or shared, based on a single imperative to increase safety for all employees. An electronic daily trip diary is a good idea for employees and employers who can choose to make it mandatory for job site access, as part of their safety measures, with or without incentives.

Employers who use Hytch to manage their employee commute strategy are providing their employees with a free, carbon zero commute. Hytch helps them manage a safer employee mobility plan by providing a reward mechanism to incentivize positive commute behavior - whether that’s driving alone, riding with coworkers, taking alternate routes, or parking remotely and shuttling that final mile. Employers using Hytch measure what they want and reward what they need.

Today, the City of South Bend offers the entire community a cash incentive to self organize shared rides for people who need to get to specific job sites and critical services. Smart, efficient and fair, this rewards-based system provides a hint of the future of how we can travel.

Hytch is excited to offer verified data and open platforms paired with any hyper specific reward condition that drives better mobility decisions