A Hytch Success Story for #TDMWeek

What is TDM?

Transportation Demand Management (TDM) programs aim to create multimodal transportation and efficient use of infrastructure that moves people. TDM’s provide scalable and flexible solutions to improve infrastructure, reduce congestion, improve air quality, increase access to opportunities and economic growth for a region.

Hytch Successful Community TDM Pilot in Nashville

Hytch Rewards started in Nashville, Tennessee with a pilot program that demonstrated how a TDM platform can effectively change commuter behavior and reduce single occupancy vehicles (SOV’s) with stacked rewards from community stakeholders such as Nissan.


This pilot was so unique in execution, scope and adoption that the USDOT decided to include data results from the pilot in their latest USDOT report. The data from the Nashville pilot project was analyzed to identify what influences a user’s choice between driving alone versus carpooling, and what is the financial parameter that will influence this choice.


Many of these same questions were analyzed by Dr. Charlie Apigian, the director of the Data Science Institute at MTSU. In fact, this was his key topic of focus at the 2020 Analytics Summit, where he dove into the data and was able to share insights on the success of the program.


Phase 2 GNRC

The success of the Hytch Rewards pilot in Nashville has been the inspiration behind the upcoming two year TDM grant managed by the GNRC which will fund rewards in the Greater Nashville area for employers, commuters and the community at large to make smarter mobility decisions.

In the video below, Sean Pfalzer from the GNRC highlights how the Hytch Rewards TDM platform will offer real-time data and rule design to support the region’s policy objectives for the upcoming grant.


With just over 12 million miles logged in the app to date, Hytch Rewards is poised and proven to be an effective, scalable, and flexible TDM platform that is ready to take on the congestion challenges of communities of any size.