Certificate of Carbon Neutrality from Carbon Credit Capital

Carbon credit

Hytch Rewards has been presented with the certificate of Carbon Neutrality for offsetting 250 metric tonnes of CO2e, and making 728,863 miles logged on the app for the year-to-date through October 2020.

Hytch LLC has supported the Wind Power Project at Jaibhim, by SIIL, in India that avoids CO2e emissions and greatly improves the livelihood of families in the local communities by providing jobs, health benefits, education opportunities and more from their wind farms. Full project details are available here.

This certificate confirms that Hytch LLC is member of the carbon Neutral Checkout program powered by Carbon Credit Capital. The certified organization has measured greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and reduced them through carbon offsets from clean energy or forestry projects. The Carbon Neutral Checkout program adheres to the highest standards of GHG accounting.

For more information visit Carbon Credit Capital