Webinar: The Third Wave of Public Transportation, a Data Driven & Incentive Based Approach to Public Mobility

This presentation was produced for the Nashville Technology Council’s annual Analytics Summit. Hytch is proud to share the lessons learned from this deep dive into the data, drawn from the two year pilot where Hytch and partners used $250,000 in cash rewards to motivate, measure and map peer to peer shared rides.

Offering an alternative approach to the conversation, Dr. Apigian contrasts the real world and data-driven evidence of the surprisingly low cost of motivating people directly to share rides vs. the higher total cost of mass transit and on demand ride hailing. The goal is to “nudge” any commuter to share, and brands committed to “doing good” can engage with a commuter directly to reward and celebrate their positive environmental and social impact.

Learn about how “market sponsors” like Nissan were able to ignite and directly engage the entire region, bringing the idea of sharing rides (good old fashioned carpooling) back to “top of mind” in daily mobility choices.

Hear from Aaron Steiner, discussing another creative deployment of Hytch in South Bend, Indiana involving the initial participants in Commuters Trust where 200 users (drivers and riders) employed at Notre Dame and other employers. The City of South Bend, winner of Bloomberg Mayors Challenge Grant, launched the Hytch Rewards TDM platform to motivate transportation behavior change toward self-organized ride sharing within trusted friend networks.

This analysis will provide insight into how to change traffic and transportation habits that could be applicable to any city, particularly mid-sized cities that don’t have funding for massive transit investments. We believe individually targeted incentives specifically to the people who need support to get to job sites and critical services, would give thought leaders the vision of the THIRD WAVE OF PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION a peer-to-peer mobility that’s safer, greener and smarter in every respect.


Dr Charlie Apigian

Professor and Director

Middle Tennessee State Data Sciences Institute

Aaron Steiner

Director of Mobility Innovation

City of South Bend

Mark Cleveland

CEO & Co-founder

Hytch Rewards