Webinar: From Smart City to Smart Region – How We Get There Together

Watch the Transit Alliance of Middle Tennessee and Greater Nashville Regional Council (GNRC) introduce a new incentive based solution for motivating behavior change, managing congestion and economic recovery. Learn how cutting edge technology, invented and piloted in Nashville, is set for deployment in 2021 across our entire region.

Michael Skipper, Executive Director of the GNRC outlines a groundbreaking initiative called “Technology in Transit” using Surface Transportation Block Grant (“STBG”) funding.

And from Japan, an EXCLUSIVE RECORDED FEATURE SPEAKER: Dr. James Kuffner (Ph.D. Stanford) CEO of Toyota Research Institute - Advanced Development (TRI-AD) responsible for building Toyota’s Smart City and Chief Digital Officer, Board of Director Member, Toyota. Responsible for Toyota’s Autonomous Vehicle Development, Dr. Kuffner will share insights on how cities of tomorrow are developing and how leaders chart the path to get there by engaging citizens with behavior change strategies.


Dr James Kuffner

Chief Digital Officer & CEO

Toyota & Toyota AI Research

Michael Skipper

Executive Director

Greater Nashville Regional Council

Jessica Dauphin

President & CEO at Transit Alliance of Middle Tennessee

Mark Cleveland

CEO & Co-founder

Hytch Rewards

Sean Pfalzer

Transportation Planning Manager

Greater Regional Nashville Council