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Reliant Bank is a proud partner of Hytch Rewards, a free smartphone app for iPhone and Android that rewards individuals for ridesharing. The app uses synchronized GPS technology to validate that two or more people are within proximity and traveling along the same path at the same speed. Partners of the Hytch Rewards program, including Reliant Bank, make mile-by-mile cash rewards available for specific destinations.

More shared miles means fewer vehicles on the road, which means reduced traffic congestion, lessened parking demand, and improved air quality. Hytch Rewards also helps to build community by getting more friends, neighbors, family members, and co-workers to spend more time together while traveling. Even buses and trains are seeing improved sense of community because riders who see each other every day (but never talk), are starting to talk! Stronger communities are safer communities. For all of these reasons, Reliant Bank is bringing additional rewards to the Hytch Rewards platform.

About Our Partnership

The Reliant Bank branch footprint is growing. That means more employees who travel greater distances - between branches, to the Corporate location and to the centralized Operations building. Reliant's intent is to make commuting worthwhile, and that means rewarding behavior! Through the Hytch Rewards app, employees who carpool to meetings and lunches with co-workers can earn cash rewards, above and beyond the market rewards made available through other Hytch Partners.

Reliant Bank offers the following additional rewards, subject to change:

  • $0.01 per mile ending in Davidson, Robertson, Williamson, Hickman, Rutherford, and Sumner Counties.
    • Afternoons Only
  • $0.04 per mile in Hamilton and Maury Counties
    • Mornings and Afternoons
  • $0.04 per mile ending at Lipscomb University and MTSU campuses
    • 7:00 am to 10:00 am

To learn more about how the Hytch Rewards app works, check out the following links:

Partnership FAQs

Still have questions about our partnership? We have answers!

How did Reliant Bank choose the reward areas?
Reliant Bank is bringing additional market rewards to every county in which a Reliant Bank branch resides, including Davidson, Hamilton, Hickman, Maury, Robertson, Rutherford, Sumner, and Williamson Counties. Other Hytch Reward partners have focused their rewards in the 10-county area surrounding Nashville, TN, so Reliant Bank has committed additional rewards to the three counties currently earning only $0.01 per mile, including Hamilton, Rutherford, and Maury Counties.

Reliant Bank also understands college life can be financially challenging. That's why Reliant is bringing additional rewards to MTSU and Lipscomb University campuses. College students can rely on Reliant Bank for always-free Student Checking and Savings accounts.

Do Reliant Bank Employees have access to a Promo Code?
Promo Codes are a feature of the Hytch Rewards platform that allow people belonging to a certain group to earn rewards not available to the general public. Reliant Bank does not currently have a Promo Code set up for Reliant Bank employees, but one could be coming in the future.

What challenge does Reliant Bank hope to overcome through this partnership?
Reliant Bank is bringing community banking to a new level. The ultimate goal of the Hytch partnership is to make commuting as stress-free as possible for everyone, but especially for our employees. Happy employees deliver exceptional customer experiences; and that is what Reliant Bank is all about. Ensuring we maintain the beauty and environmental soundness of the communities we serve helps us fulfill Reliant Bank’s mission to grow and cultivate internal and external relationships. That’s why Reliant Bank is proud to partner with Hytch Rewards. Through our sponsorship, Reliant Bank provides opportunities for individuals to rideshare and be rewarded for the conscious decision to make a difference. It’s about partnership, promoting strong connections, and helping foster a healthier, less congested environment in our communities.