With so many different cellular networks and endless combinations of mobile phones, there are a lot of operating systems and settings that can enhance or could limit your experience with the Hytch Rewards app. For solutions to most known issues, explore these topics:


GPS & Accuracy

What is my GPS Accuracy Score?

The Hytch GPS Accuracy Score is an analysis of a handful of software, hardware and environmental factors that impact your connection to Hytch. Low scores reflect your risk of a disconnect. We suggest the person with the highest GPS Accuracy Score be the Host and initiate invitations.

How is my GPS Accuracy Score calculated?

GPS coordinates tell us when Hytchers are close enough to be in a successful Hytch. We call this the “Hytch Halo” and these factors matter:

  • Cellular network reliability - depending on your location, you may have a weak connection (or a hole) in your cell network.
  • Signal strength of your device - poor network connection for any reason will reduce your score.
  • Phone hardware - old phones with slow or outdated hardware will hurt performance.
  • Phone software - faulty settings and outdated software will hurt performance.
  • Connection to GPS satellite - extreme weather, passing through a tunnel, or traveling through downtown urban environments with tall buildings can factor into GPS accuracy.

How do I fix a low score?

Talk to people in your Hytch groups to compare scores. What device and network are they on?

  1. Upgrade your device: everyone loves a new smartphone.
  2. Change cellular networks: get a better plan.
  3. Press on: we are constantly updating our platform to bring users a better experience.

Using Hytch Rewards makes you a Hytch Hero because you are protecting clean air, saving trees and reducing congestion. Stay in the Hytch Halo.

Dropped or Incomplete Rides in Hytch

My ride doesn't complete or drops in the middle of trips.

Whenever the Hytch team is alerted to repeated drops, our engineers work hard to find ways to update our platform to increase your trip's connectivity. Unfortunately, many cell phone providers do not share accurate coverage information and some cell service providers have large gaps in data coverage that can result in one or all of your Hytch buddies getting kicked out of a ride.

If you or someone you ride with is not connecting, it could be due to one or more of the following reasons:

  • Gaps in cellular coverage over certain regions.
  • Out of date hardware or software.
  • If two or more users have different phones and/or operating systems, it can result in an early termination of your Hytch.

Note: If the ride host is the one that experiences a drop or voluntarily leaves the ride, the Hytch ends for everyone.

Our Hytch auto-ended while we were sitting in traffic.

If you are in complete standstill traffic for too long, the app may automatically end your Hytch ride. You’ll need to start a new Hytch once traffic gets moving again.

Issues with Rewards


I don't get the same amount of points from day-to-day even though I've traveled the same distance and started and ended at the same locations.

At any time, Hytch Sponsors may opt to change how their sponsor dollars are awarded through the Hytch app. This can result in varying rewards from day to day, or trip to trip, or even vary rewards between rider and driver. This flexibility offers sponsors the ability to choose how they want to inspire positive change in traffic congestion, air quality, or even as a benefit for their employees. However, this flexibility also creates too many variables to ID exactly how many points you may earn on any particular trip.

The upside: Every mile logged with Hytch is a zero-emissions mile AND whenever you complete a ride in a sponsored market you will be surprised and delighted by the points you earn that you can convert to cash.


I don't get the same amount of points as other Hytch users in a shared ride.

Every device sends different GPS location information from a unique position in the ride and that information can also vary depending on the cellular service provider, phone manufacturer and version. We always strive to be on the cutting edge with the latest cellular technology and will let you know if Hytch Platform updates as quickly as possible.

I requested my rewards cash from Hytch but never received it in my PayPal account.

There are several causes for not receiving your cash rewards.

  • Daily Payouts: Hytch Rewards that are redeemed for cash are distributed through PayPal once a day, which means your cash won't always be posted at the same moment you hit "Cash Out". This process allows us to reduce the risk of payout issues for our users.
  • Below The Minimum: You tried to transfer the money, but the app gave an error message because the amount was below $10.
  • Check Your SPAM: You did not receive an email from PayPal notifying you of the transfer. Check the inbox of the email address you used to transfer the money to. Check your SPAM and updates folder to ensure you didn’t miss the email.
  • Wrong Email Address: You did not receive your Hytch rewards cash because the email address you entered on the “Cash Out” screen was not the email address you use for PayPal. After entering your email address and confirming the amount to transfer you will receive a notification from PayPal requesting that you accept the money. If the email address you initially used is not associated with your PayPal account or you are new to PayPal you can associate the email with your PayPal, create a new PayPal account or wait 30 days for PayPal to release the funds and you can initiate a new transfer.


Phone Settings

I have a new phone number.

If you have a new phone number and are a current user of Hytch, contact our Technical Support team to update your account with your new phone number so you DON’T lose your accumulated points, miles, or other rewards. We do not recommend creating a new Hytch account with your new phone number because we cannot merge accounts with different phone numbers.

If your email is also needing to be updated, you will need to update it AFTER we confirm the changes in your Hytch information is complete.

Reminder: Hytch is focused on providing premiere privacy protection for your Hytch experience. You can read our Privacy Policy and Terms of Service.

I do not receive text notifications to register with Hytch or join a Hytch from my Hytch buddy or group.

If you do not receive text messages, you may have opted out of our text service previously. To restart Hytch SMS, text UNSTOP to 866 734 9824.

When I take a phone call or text while in a Hytch ride, I do not receive credit, or am kicked out of the ride.

  1. If you are using an iPhone and have Verizon as a cell carrier, you may have a setting on your phone that prevents GPS signals, data and calls or texts from being used at the same time. To check if this may be an issue, go to your phone Settings, select Cellular. Select Cellular Data Options> Enable LTE and select Voice and Data.
  2. Check the Hytch App settings in your phone by selecting Settings > Apps > Hytch Rewards. Ensure that the Hytch rewards app has access to Data and Location is set to “High frequency,” or “Most accurate.”
  3. Some Samsung Galaxy Notes don't allow Location Background processing all the time. To ensure the best connectivity, set your GPS and Location services to the highest possible setting.

Additionally, you may be experiencing a content block from your service carrier. If you are a T-Mobile customer, read more about how to troubleshoot here. In order to solve this issue, get in contact with your service provider.

PRO TIP - Consider adding this number to your contacts list as something memorable, like "Hytch Invite." so you can easily ID the app invite texts when they come through!

My Hytch ends on iPhone when I receive text messages or phone calls.

Check your iPhone cellular data options to make sure the phone is enabled for Voice & Data. If the setting is "Data Only" the phone will prevent you from using cell service and data service at the same time. (Settings > Cellular > Cellular Data Options > Enable LTE > Voice & Data).

Our carpool group picked up a friend along the way but couldn't add them to our Hytch.

This feature will be available in a future update! In the meantime, if there are three or more people in your group, anyone (except the host) can leave the current Hytch to start a new Hytch with another passenger. If there are only two of you in the ride, you’ll need to end your current Hytch and start a new one with additional passengers.

More Troubleshooting Advice

We're no longer driving, but the app is still running.

There will be a delay before the app to auto ends if you and your Hytch partners live or work within a short distance of one another. To manually end the ride, click the “LEAVE THIS RIDE” button.

My friend and I shared a ride, but earned different points.

Different phone carriers use different towers to triangulate their GPS. This may cause GPS tracking to be off by slight amounts, which can cause rewards to be tallied differently. Slight differences in miles and rewards are natural, but please let us know if you ever experience a major discrepancy.

Additionally, rewards are tallied by several factors, including the end destination, group codes, and other factors. Someone who leaves the ride before the rest of the group may earn more points than those who traveled a farther distance because their Hytch ended at a location with a higher sponsored reward value per mile than the rest of the group. In other words, a very short ride ending in a high reward zone could tally up more points than a very long ride ending in a low reward zone.

I thought I could use the app to find other carpoolers nearby. Why can't I find that feature?

The original concept behind Hytch was to help individuals locate people nearby to carpool with. The new Hytch Reward platform focuses solely on rewarding ridesharing behavior when individuals who already know each other choose to carpool. The original matching feature may be re-incorporated into the Hytch Rewards app, in the future, for those who want to use that kind of service. In the meantime, spread the word to your friends, family, and co-workers about how you can start earning rewards for ridesharing with Hytch Rewards.

Why did Hytch ask me to enable Bluetooth?

When Hytch users enable Bluetooth, it allows us to help improve your ride experience and to prepare you for an update in the near future. This future update will help reduce the number of dropped and disconnected Hytch rides while bringing a new functionality we can use to reward you in new and unique ways.

Still Experiencing Issues?

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