There are many ways to partner with Hytch Rewards!

  • Rewards Partnership: learn how to offer your own mile-by-mile rewards.
  • Market Sponsorship: build a green brand and offer incentives to provide highly localized brand exposure.
  • Employer Partnership: recruit and retain employees with mobility rewards WHILE reducing congestion and parking demands.
  • Parking Partnership: learn how to reward carpoolers with prime parking.
  • Event Partnership: support your event’s initiatives for sustainability. Plus – more people, in fewer cars reducing the impact on parking and the local community.
  • Institutional Partnership: reward stakeholders, like faculty, students, staff and the community
  • Government Partnership: support economic development. Achieve environmental, infrastructural and transit targets.
  • Carbon Credit Offsets: learn how Hytch Rewards can make your event or business greener with carbon credit offsets.
  • Other: share your ideas about unique partnership opportunities.


Check out our current partnerships!