Middle Tennessee tech company finds new uses for mobility app

27 August 2020

Commuter Wellness

COVID-19 puts a spotlight on companies who adapt quickly. One of the lessons we've learned is how critical it is to deliver the lowest cost mobility tracking system for the rural employer.

"Up to now, we've been focused on big employers in an urban center," says Mark Cleveland, CEO of Hytch. "Maybe it should have been obvious all along, but there are so many more rural employers who want a fast and inexpensive program and the best technology to defend their safe work environments."

Any employer of any size can offer incentives for tracking "drive alone" miles to the factory site, and convert those miles to a carbon zero drive using Hytch. Rewards for a shared ride to the factory increase which can cause the larger community to get interested in helping friends, neighbors and co-workers get to work when transportation is a barrier to employment.

In this article by Matt Blois you learn more about how Hytch has adapted and expanded the platform to offer a greater value by enabling contact tracing and monitoring of commuter wellness to ensure the greater safety of all involved.

We are excited about our emerging partnership with Murakami, a tier one automotive parts manufacturer in Campbellsville, Kentucky. This innovative company is introducing Hytch Rewards as a company wide green initiative, a "COVID19 Safe Commute" solution and a program to assist their employees in getting to work by encouraging carpooling amongst their employee base.

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