Tennessee|Lookout: Local tech company and MTSU partner for contact tracing study

24 July 2020


Hytch Rewards in partnership with the Middle Tennessee State University (MTSU) Data Science Institute performed an analytical study to validate if the database framework of Hytch can be scalable and extend from a ride sharing platform to a mobility platform that can include other areas such as contact tracing.

The study, led by Dr. Charles H. Apigian, co-director of the Data Science Institute at MTSU, and with sponsorship from Nissan tested incentive benchmarks for sustained use by commuters.

The benchmarks for sustained commuter usage for Nashville, where the study was conducted, was between $0.02 - $0.05 per mile. So what will it cost to incentivise your employees to reduce their carbon emissions through the Hytch Rewards mobility framework by ride sharing, going solo or sheltering in place?

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