Hytch Rewards now Plants Trees When Users Log Trips

22 April 2021


To date Hytch Heros have saved 127,148 trees, just by logging their trips on the Hytch Rewards app.

Hytch celebrates Earth Day this year with a new partnership with ForestPlanet who will be planting a tree for every 50 miles tracked in the app.

“The pandemic stopped us from moving, which gave us all a peek at clearer skies and cleaner air,” said Mark A. Cleveland, co-founder and CEO of Hytch Rewards. “This is our opportunity to make a new connection between driving to work, which we just need to do, and a really creative way to revitalize our environment. As we get moving again, Hytch provides a free and easy way to keep our positive momentum."

Hytch Heros can continue to restore our earth one trip at a time!

Read the full press release here.