Commutifi and Hytch partner to set industry standard for scoring and rewarding commutes

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New commute-tech and data partnership will be the first of its kind to quantify, score and reward individual commute decisions in real time.


SEATTLE, WASHINGTON – At the Association for Commuter Transportation, TDM Forum in Seattle, two industry leading Transportation Demand Management platforms announced today their partnership to create the nation’s most advanced, integrated commuter scoring and reward system.

The partnership will combine Commutifi’s patented commuter scoring platform with the award winning and patent pending technology developed by Hytch Rewards that tracks, validates and manages incentives for smarter mobility decisions.

Employers are provided with baseline analytics from the Commutifi platform, encompassing location and building attributes with existing transit patterns for employees. Through Hytch, the employer gets real time mobility monitoring to engage their workforce more directly with corporate sustainability goals and the system to both reward and constantly measure changing transit patterns over time. Through the Hytch app, employees can experience a carbon zero commute, no matter the mode of transportation, including driving alone. The Hytch app also allows users to earn cash rewards when carpooling, vanpooling, taking public transit, walking or biking.

“Hytch developed the most sophisticated reward platform in the industry, designed to motivate, track and validate commute behavior,” says Mark Cleveland, Co-Founder of Hytch. ”Our goal is to add value to our partner’s solutions by providing verified mobility data, live and consistent commuter survey capability and creating a more comprehensive and complete commuter score for better, data driven decisions.”

“Commutifi is quantifying and optimizing commuter behavior like never before,” says Commutifi CEO, Rich Schmelzer. “By scoring and displaying times, costs, and carbon emissions of every route to or from the office, it becomes clear to a commuter that there are better ways to get to work. Our integration with Hytch helps enterprises, landlords, and cities motivate commuters to try new routes with validated trips and highly targeted rewards. These platforms together help employers, communities, and marketing organizations to motivate, compensate, and demonstrate transit behavior change.”




About Commutifi
Commutifi’s patented Commuter Score quantifies the impact of a commute by precisely measuring its time, cost, and carbon emissions. This standardized methodology enables employers, real estate developers, and municipalities to evaluate and compare the many options available to their commuters and encourage a positive shift in transportation behavior through a platform that helps them target incentives and measure the impact of each program. Visit for more information or email for media inquiries.


About Hytch Rewards
Hytch Rewards is a mobility incentive platform that gives its mobile app users access to carbon zero transportation and cash rewards in sponsored areas. Employers and communities use Hytch to promote the habits of sharing a ride, walking, biking or using mass transit, as users log their commutes in real time. To learn more about Hytch, visit or email for media inquiries.