CleanTech Alliance Selects Hytch Rewards as Clean Mobility Partner


June 18, 2019 – The CleanTech Alliance announces Hytch, an eco-friendly mobility rewards company, as their official clean mobility partner. The partnership is intended to promote smarter and better mobility choices for the entire northwest region that the CleanTech Alliance and its members represent by encouraging people to use the Hytch Rewards mobile app: a platform designed to put the power to reduce each individual’s carbon footprint directly in the palm of their hands — literally.

Download the Hytch app here!

By downloading and using Hytch Rewards, anyone in the country can experience a clean technology solution already being used in highly congested cities like Seattle. The app gives users free access to carbon neutral travel by allowing them to share a ride with anyone in their contacts by using carpool, rideshare, or public transportation, all while the app calculates each mile traveled so Hytch can sponsor every trip with carbon offsets.

In addition to carbon neutral travel, certain communities have sponsors who support smart mobility decisions with cash rewards through the app in order to accomplish key goals related to sustainability or congestion. Local governments can reward and measure positive impacts on air quality. City planning organizations can target rewards to help reduce congestion. Employers can provide cash rewards for employees sharing rides to work to free up limited parking spaces. The CleanTech Alliance has chosen to partner with Hytch because they recognize any metric measured on the Hytch Rewards platform can be tied directly to a clean mobility decision that is good for the planet.

The CleanTech Alliance will be launching their partnership with Hytch Rewards at the 2019 CleanTech Innovation Showcase in Seattle on June 24th and 25th...

To learn more about the partnership visit the full press release here.