Help Bring More Rewards to Murfreesboro, TN

By sharing rides, residents of Murfreesboro are helping defeat traffic and defend clean air.
This service to the community deserves to be rewarded.

Sign the petition to send a letter to Mayor, Shane McFarland, requesting cash rewards for your community.

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    Fill out the form above to send your Mayor the following letter requesting rewards for Murfreesboro

    Dear Mayor McFarland,

    My name is [First Name], and I'm a citizen of Murfreesboro. I am sending this letter along with Hytch to support bringing cash rewards to Murfreesboro for sharing rides.

    I'm asking you to consider putting some of our tax dollars back in the hands of Murfreesboro residents by rewarding constituents in your community to share rides by taking the bus, vanpooling, riding the train or carpooling.

    This would take cars off our roads and prevent carbon emissions from being released into our air.

    I believe Murfreesboro could be a leader in Tennessee when it comes to relieving traffic congestion and protecting air quality.

    I'm asking you to believe this with me.

    [First Name] [Last Name]