Using Direct Mobility Incentives to Achieve Social and Economic Justice Objectives

This video details exactly how employers and thought leaders in Middle Tennessee invented an entirely new approach to facilitating transportation with the goal of connecting highly vulnerable populations to jobs and critical services. It's about using incentives to help communities solve their own mobility challenges.

Do you have an opening for an entry level manufacturing job or service position? Struggling to find a qualified applicant?

After you recruit, hire and train good people, there are many reasons an employment relationship might not work out, but the most common cause of that failure can be traced back to unreliable transportation.

  • How do you solve that problem inexpensively?
  • How do you develop this workforce?
  • How can you introduce mentors and build a more resilient workforce?

Discover how to fill your job openings and keep them full by integrating your social and economic justice objectives with transportation incentives to get the competitive advantage you need. Maps in this video point to highly vulnerable areas in Middle Tennessee (which exist in your community too) but don't let your imagination stop there.

Discover how the City of South Bend is implementing the same concept, and you can too.

We ARE all in this together