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Carpooling Rewards

Earn cash when you share a carpool or vanpool to work!

Download the free Hytch Rewards mobile app from the Apple App or Google Play store. Commuters Trust, in partnership with participating Ride Guarantee employers, distributes rewards to qualified individuals who carpool to work through the Hytch Rewards platform.

When you carpool with Hytch, you're helping a coworker, neighbor, family member or friend get to work. And, you’re helping to reduce climate change. In fact, all your Hytch trips are carbon neutral!


  • At least 2 people using the Hytch Rewards app while carpooling
  • Carpool rider must be enrolled in Ride Guarantee, which is currently offered at the following employers: The University of Notre Dame
  • Rides must begin or end at the participating employee’s worksite
  • Carpool driver does not need to be enrolled in Ride Guarantee program to get rewards


Applies on commutes to or from work:

✥ CARPOOL DRIVER, TRIPS TO WORK: 45¢/mile, up to 10 miles. Extra 2¢/mile, up to 15 miles.

✥ CARPOOL DRIVER, TRIPS FROM WORK: 45¢/mile, up to 10 miles.

✥ CARPOOL RIDER: 25¢/mile, up to 10 miles.

HOST BONUS: 5¢/mile bonus for the user who remembers to send invites to start the trip, up to 20 miles.

**IMPORTANT NOTE** All rewards are tied to the time your trip ends. To ensure you get the right reward, manually end your trip when you arrive.


Three employees share a trip to work. One drives, two ride. The total trip is 12 miles one way. One of the riders is the host (started the trip in Hytch).


Driver Rewards

$4.50 (45¢/mile x 10 miles)
$0.24 (2¢/mile x 12 miles)
$4.74 total driver reward

Rider #1, Ride Host (started trip in Hytch)

$2.50 (25¢/mile x 10 miles)
$0.60 (5¢/mile x 12 miles)
$3.10 total rider / host reward

Rider #2, Ride Participant

$2.50 (25¢/mile x 10 miles)
$2.50 total rider reward

Reward calculations for each user will differ slightly based on device, network connection, and other variables.

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