Commuter Wellness Pledge

As an employer, you are tirelessly working to create a safe workplace for employees and customers.

COVID-19 is driving behavior change where we live, work and play. Creating a zero-incident safety culture at work is now an incomplete effort without a strong mobility policy.

Commuter Wellness Pledge Benefits:

  1. EXPRESS SCREENING: Prescreen your employees and eliminate manual processes for facility control.
  2. SAFE CONNECTION: Establish continuity between your employees safe home environment and your safe work environment.
  3. SIMPLE DEPLOYMENT: Simple to deploy via mobile app.
  4. SCALE PARTICIPATION: Built in rewards capability to improve the sense of safety in the workplace and drive adoption.
  5. TDM IN A BOX: Built in Transportation Demand Management solution that will be fully functional when commuting returns to normal.

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Learn more about how you can protect your community

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