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Civic leaders and government agencies around the country walk a fine line when it comes to carrying out their duty to balance public interests with fiscal responsibility. Often leading those interests is caring for the infrastructure that supports our local communities at a time when population, traffic congestion and pollution are all reaching unsustainable levels. The simplest way to address each of these growing issues is to be better stewards of the resources already available to us.

Roughly 76% of Americans commute to work alone, clogging our roadways with single occupancy vehicles (SOVs). With an average of 4 empty passenger seats per SOV as well as other sustainable forms of efficient transportation such as vanpool, mass transit, walking, or biking commuters could make a dramatic impact on traffic congestion and pollution by simply choosing to share rides or get out of their cars entirely.

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Make a measurable impact on your city's air quality.


Help tackle traffic congestion in the most cost effective way possible.


Advance equity in communities that commute into more congested areas.

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Improve quality of life for everyone in Middle Tennessee

“This is just another example of how, through improving the customer experience, we are striving to improve quality of life for everyone in Middle Tennessee. By rewarding customers for responsible travel behavior, we are saying we care for our community. Multi-modal transportation is becoming more important every day to address the traffic congestion we all face as Middle Tennessee continues to grow. Carpooling, transit use, bicycles and pedestrian activities are all vitally important to finding mobility solutions that work for everyone.”

CEO of WeGo Public Transit Steve Bland


CEO of WeGo Public Transit Steve Bland