Why We Partner.

Our motto is to defeat traffic and defend clean air which is why we strive to align ourselves with missions that reflect  the same goal.

Learn more about the great work that Citizens' Climate Education is doing here.

About CCE

Citizens’ Climate Education (CCE) is a nonpartisan, 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to preserving a livable climate through citizen empowerment and grassroots advocacy efforts. CCE trains individuals to educate elected officials, community leaders, media, and the public about climate change impacts and solutions. By mobilizing a powerful network of climate advocates, they build political will to advance climate policy in the United States. They promote climate solutions that are effective, equitable, and sustainable. CCE is a national organization with over 110,000 registered supporters and 494 active volunteer chapters in the United States. There are over 711 registered supporters and nine active chapters in the state of Tennessee alone.