Five Tips For a Safe Commute

While many are working from home, under one form or another of mandatory or voluntary “sheltering in place” order, we all expect to manage the new normal and get moving again. Rule number one, wash your hands. Every health expert on the planet will tell you that washing your hands regularly is critical - and for good reason.

But what can you do beyond this basic step to keep yourself safe? To answer that question, we've assembled this top 5 list of overlooked tips and tricks to keep you clean and protected:

1) MASKS: there is a shortage of masks for our first responders and health care providers. Health professionals say if you’re going to be within six feet of anyone for longer than ten minutes, you need to be wearing a protective mask. Anytime you’re in transit, you’re going to be close. So, it’s time to “Mask Me Now” and one of your Hytch sponsors is making that easy for you.

2) CAR CLEANING: the personal space of your car is a high touch environment with surfaces that the virus can linger on for long periods of time. Disinfect your car, as often as you enter it.

3) CELL PHONE CLEANING: studies show we touch our phone 2000 times a day. We rely on our mobile phones more today than at any time in history. It’s a great place for the virus to exist and spread. Don’t share your phone. Disinfect your cell phone, at the same time and just as often as you wash your hands.

4) LAUNDRY: along with social distancing, hand washing and surface cleaning, proper laundry techniques can help prevent the spread of COVID-19. One of your Hytch sponsors, Defunkify, is a domestic manufacturer of green, clean and outstanding detergents for everyday use. Check this link for the best practices, fantastic advice and an environmentally friendly source for cleaning supplies.

5) SHELTER IN PLACE: the newest capability of Hytch allows you to track your work from home commute. Some employers are rewarding that with cash, and Hytch sponsors are offering daily prizes for those who do the right thing and stay at home for as long as might be necessary, or as often as possible for the near term.

To Shelter in Place, enter your home address in the Hytch app and tell your company about how they can put a little incentive, plus these smart mobility practices together for a safer, environmentally friendly commute.