Jeff Parker is the founder of Jeff Parker Consulting LLC. Through wellness events, workshops, and one on one coaching, Jeff enthusiastically guides humans to tap into their highest potential. Jeff utilizes techniques such as guided meditation, breathwork, theta healing, inner child work, EFT, energy healing and positive psychology to reprogram the subconscious for super-conscious command of the body’s operating system and alignment of the inner world with external objectives and goals.

With a passion for changing the world one person at a time, Jeff’s coaching specializes on mindset, awareness, embodiment, achieving flow state, intentional living and language, heart based decision-making, transitioning to vegan and pescatarian eating, resolving the pains and traumas of the past, healthy processing of emotions, matters of the soul, and conscious life design.

Jeff has 12 years experience as an intellectual property attorney in both the private sector and government focusing on patents, so he is intimately familiar with the demands of a high performance occupation. In the private sector, Jeff served as litigation support and helped companies such as Sony to acquire patent rights and strategize their portfolio. In government, Jeff represented the public interest in patent acquisition, securing victories for the public in the majority of his appealed cases before judges, including against Microsoft and Apple. Through mindfulness, Jeff converted egregiously bad habits with stress, into higher performance and work life balance and satisfaction.

You can now usually find Jeff in Miami searching for zen in an ice bath of 32 degree water or catching a beach sunrise, fasting, practicing various yoga disciplines, collecting vinyl records to spin on his vintage tube stereo, and leading a monthly Men’s circle to bring accountability and consciousness to the community.

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