Bill Klehm brings a variety of critical skills and a collaborative attitude to support the Hytch mission and help accelerate scale in operations and technology.

At Ford Motor Company for 16 years, Bill worked in executive leadership roles across the business spectrum, from finance to production to acquisitions. After leaving Ford, his expertise was further honed in the automotive, transportation, and consumer industries at companies such as Fallbrook Technologies. At Fallbrook he leveraged and built the intellectual property portfolio, attracting over $175M in new capital. A hands-on leader, Bill proved integral to the research, development, manufacturing, and distribution of the NuVinci Continuously Variable Planetary Transmission which has since proven the tech as a consumer facing "standard" for urban mobility.

Today, as COO of, Klehm plans to transition to a fully customer facing brand, offering its reward system, user data management and powerful machine learning to the masses. "I have over 25 years of experience leading multiple tech growth plays globally. This one is going to be about creating a seamless talent supply chain for the US job market,' says Klehm of his new role. Regarding the fit with Hytch, Klehm says, “I see advantages in recruiting and retaining great people and using rewards to drive behavior change at scale that delivers a safer, greener and smarter commute. Traffic will return.”

Prior to joining, Bill served as the CEO/founding boarding member of National Housecheck, a roll up network which provides homeowners throughout the United States with an easier and more reliable home inspection experience. In that role, he worked with the leadership team to develop, define, and execute growth focused business strategies that expanded the geographic scope and scale of the business. Over a six-month period Bill led the acquisition of six firms and launched inspection services in 19 markets; creating one of the largest home inspection firms in the US almost overnight.