Dr. Charlie Apigian-


Dr. Charlie Apigian is a Professor and the Executive Director of the Belmont Data Collaborative at Belmont University, where he coordinates and promotes data initiatives across the university and the Nashville community by developing a diverse community of scientists, organizational managers/leaders, faculty and students who will bring a moral, ethical and social compass to their use of data analytics. Dr. Apigian’s focus and passion is on working with the Nashville community to be a leader in technology and data science and to bridge the gap between academics and industry to enable the use of data for the social good.


He has authored and co-authored over 30 papers and presentations in technology, manufacturing, and data science-related journals, as well as worked with government and community partners on big data projects, including a partnership with USDOT to produce a report titled “Analysis of Travel Choices and Scenarios for Sharing Rides”. He was also the winner of the 2018 Nashville Technology Council IT Community Leader of the Year and the 2020 Nashville Technology Council Data Scientist of the Year.