Using Direct Mobility Incentives to Achieve Social and Economic Justice Objectives

Live event on December 2nd at 2:30pm (CT) 3:30 (ET) 12:30 (PT)

Register today and as part of your experience leading up to this event and you’ll be paid cash to track your own smart mobility decisions and get paid to go carbon zero!


Vickie Lewis-200x200

Vickie Lewis

President and CEO

VMX International

Carla Bailo-200x200

Carla Bailo

President and CEO

Center for Automotive Research (CAR)


Aaron Steiner

Director of Mobility Innovation

City of South Bend

MSkipper 200 x 200

Michael Skipper

Executive Director

Greater Nashville Regional Council

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Michael Rodenberg

Chairman & CEO Murakami Mfg., USA, Inc. Director 取締役

Murakami Corporation North & South America


Dr. Trish Holliday


Founding Partner of Holliday | Kenning


Mark A. Cleveland

Co-Founder and CEO

Hytch Rewards

The year is 2020, where COVID, climate and civic crises have created a “Phoenix Moment” for society.  All the old societal systems that we’ve taken for granted (everything from dating habits to health-care access, from mass transit to sporting events) must embrace disruption and quickly regenerate as something new if they’re going to continue to exist. 

COVID-19, in particular, has highlighted the importance of addressing equity and the need for behavior changes that benefit society and improve our communities as a whole. Our reborn societal systems, 2020 seems to be teaching us, will succeed only to the extent they are able to address social equity.  

We ARE all in this together.  That means strategies for moving forward from this Phoenix Moment must focus on positive collaboration to encourage behaviors that benefit all of us – the whole of society. 

In the context of mobility, we must adopt pandemic-driven behavior changes that leverage collaboration within personal networks. We must implement incentive programs that reward getting our workforce back to jobs and improve access to critical services. We must reward both those with mobility resources (a car) and those without mobility options, to connect and collaborate to solve mobility issues. 

Join us for this invitation only, live event on December 2nd at 5:00 (ET) 4:00 (CT) 2:00 (PT) as this panel of experts dive deeper into a conversation about using mobility incentives to achieve social and economic justice objectives. Mobility incentives do change behavior, so register for this event today to learn how:

  • Leaders shape mobility incentives to accelerate employee engagement and align with your company objectives in social justice and economic empowerment.
  • To design low cost incentives that deliver the results, and the data you need.
  • Convert the daily commute into a competitive advantage for your company when you activate your mentors, using mobility incentives to build a stronger and more resilient company culture.
  • Recruit and retain a workforce commuting to and from a highly vulnerable area.
  • Employers use the Hytch Rewards platform to motivate the entire community to help itself, to self-organize and provide transportation to and from your employment site with their own, trusted network.