Could be a radius from a center point to encompass the entire campus, a site facility or destination, and can be any single polygon defined by the Partner’s goals.


Could be set to a maximum by Partner, set by campaign or by rule. If at any time the budget is zero, (or less on hand than a user’s per ride claim) then there are no points issued.


Partners purchase points, which represent the reward budget, they are not refundable, but can be reallocated from one campaign to another.

Points per mile and value per point

Partners determine the dollar value of incentives and, at 10 points per penny, reward points are earned per mile or per event. Dollars per mile can be fractional (e.g. each mile can earn a half penny) defined in each rule. Trips are not considered qualified for reward unless the distance traveled is over one tenth of a mile. To earn rewards the total calculation must be over the minimum of one cent. The design intent is that no condition exists where rides pay more than 57.5 cents per mile.

Banners and links

Each rule can present one unique logo or a banner message (in various sizes) that links to a destination. This URL is maintained by Partner, or by Hytch (for a fee).



Starting, ending or starting AND ending locations defined by the geofence.


Rules can have a minimum distance to qualify or a maximum distance.


Rules specify one mode (carpool, lyft, bus, vanpool, bike, etc.) with two exceptions: rules can be inclusive of all modes, or exclude a single mode, but include all others.


Design rules to target trips taken alone (solo) or only trips shared by multiple users.


Participants identified as the driver can earn different rewards from a passenger.


Set minimum number of participants in shared rides: 2, 3, >3, etc.

Employee Status

The “employee rule” can apply only to a participant who has a unique code that is provided by a Partner. This rule type can specify rewards (often at higher value) that pay the qualified employee, or pay BOTH participant employees, and only if they are employees.

Non Employee Status

Rules that apply to non-employees in a Hytch who are traveling with an employee (realize maximum impact and data value when strategies include non-employees).

Reward Cap

Set max earned per rule (doesn’t apply to stacked rewards paid by other parties).

Event Rules

A fixed point value earned for an activity, which is not earned by the mile (like sheltering in place or a shuttle ride).


Specific date and/or time of day range, day of the week, or combination.


Rules Cannot be Edited

Once they are set up, they exist and cannot be edited (so as to perform a different function or meet different parameters). Rules are created and maintained for historic data reference, and terminated manually (any time, or by a predetermined plan).

Reward Distance Minimum

Points cannot be earned for a distance less than .1 mile.


Relate to the “bucket of points”, budgeted for a purpose, from which one or more rules can draw funds.

Throughout a region or in any narrow application, people can be motivated using cash rewards so that they will track, share and consistently participate in a system, creating a valuable data stream and evidence of existing and changed behavior. This leverages road networks and vehicle assets not limited to fixed route service or requiring public investment in maintenance or operation.

Reward calculations for each user will differ slightly based on device, network connection, and other variables.

Please book an appointment here if you have questions about how this platform can be configured to meet your specific employment site, transportation service or community needs.

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