Tennessean | San Francisco looks to Nashville company Hytch for transit help


"Nashville-based Hytch, a carpooling app, has been hired by the Bay Area Council in San Francisco to improve road congestion as part of its transportation demand management coalition.

Hytch, created by Mark Cleveland in 2016, facilitates carpooling and offers financial incentives to share rides through employer partnerships. In Tennessee, Hytch has rewarded nearly 250,000 shared miles and nearly 12 million miles in Tennessee.

The Bay Area Council, a business-sponsored public-private advocacy group, announced its coalition in November. The council seeks to include additional transportation businesses and promote commuting alternatives through financial rewards.

'Transportation demand management isn’t the sexiest name, but it’s the fastest and least expensive way to break the stranglehold of traffic on the Bay Area,' Gwen Litvak, senior vice president of transportation policy for the Bay Area Council, said in a statement. 'We need new and innovative approaches for getting the 70 percent of commuters who drive alone to work every day to leave their car at home.' ... "

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