Inside the Hytch Rewards App: How it works and how it can change transit behavior for companies and communities. | Transit Insights Podcast

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Mark Cleveland, CoFounder and Chairman of Hytch gets interviewed Transit Insight Podcast's panel of three transit professionals: Bob Baulsir, President and CEO of Trinity Metro in Fort Worth, Texas; Edward Johnson, Former Chief Executive Officer of the Central Florida Regional Transportation Authority (LYNX); and Jim McAteer, President at Transit Insight (TI).

The Journey
Hear Mark Cleveland, CoFounder and Chairman of Hytch Rewards, tell Transit Insight Podcast about the journey of developing an app that rewards users for sharing rides. Learn how the app started as something nearly identical to Waze Carpool before the Hytch team discovered where the true value is for users, sponsors and the community.

Protecting Privacy
In this interview, Mark tells the panel about Hytch’s commitment to protecting user privacy, how data is used, and what level of insights sponsors have access to when they fund rewards for their company or community.


Learn how Hytch went from zero to 7.5 Million miles in one year and acquired over 10,000 users in Nashville alone.

How Reward Rules Work

For the first time, Mark gives structural insight into how the system works for sponsors who want to drive specific behavior with their reward dollars. Hear his example of how Hytch helps sponsors define their goals and turn them into rules so the platform can operate on activity based costs that deliver rewards only when that exact defined behavior is satisfied.


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Audio source: Transit Insight Podcast