Hytch and the Nashville Area Chamber Emphasize Innovative Solutions to Commuting, Parking and Traffic Congestion in Nashville

On the first day of Nashville’s “Commuter Challenge” week, Hytch Rewards and the Nashville Area Chamber of Commerce have announced a collaborative effort aimed at expanding mobility and reducing traffic and carbon output in the Nashville region by incentivizing Nashvillians to share rides.

The Nashville Area Chamber will connect top employers in the downtown area, state and local government and nonprofit leaders with Hytch.

“Hytch’s efforts to deploy emerging and innovative technologies to reduce congestion and increase options for commuters aligns closely with the Chamber’s work on transportation, mobility and sustainability. We’re committed to regional mobility for workers and believe Hytch offers a unique way to engage employers as part of the solution. We support this platform as a solution that fits into the larger mobility strategy for the region,” said Ralph Schulz, President and CEO, Nashville Area Chamber of Commerce.

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