Williamson Source | Hytch Rewards Partners With Bay Area Transportation Coalition


"A key component of the TDM Coalition will be promoting solutions that provide financial rewards to commuters not to drive alone or to leave their car at home altogether. Hytch Rewards, a founding Coalition member, has developed an innovative rewards platform that tracks and verifies when two or more people share rides. Using this unique platform, Hytch has demonstrated that people will share rides in order to earn cash rewards, proving that rewards change behavior.

The platform also measures the emissions reduction of shared rides as well as making all shared rides carbon neutral by purchasing carbon offsets on behalf of Hytch users. The Council will work with Hytch and other Coalition members to bring a host of TDM solutions to employers, transportation agencies, and local governments throughout the Bay Area.

'By rewarding people for better transit decisions and retiring carbon credits in their name, Hytch gives commuters everywhere a data dividend, as well as an opportunity to earn cash rewards,” says Mark Cleveland, Chairman and Co-Founder of Hytch. “Data is key to understanding and addressing our congestion issues as well as the impact single occupancy vehicles are having on the environment. Any employer with a volunteer program or sustainability goal can use the Hytch platform to engage, organize and inspire their employees to join the movement.' ..."

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