Intuit San Diego Commuter Rewards Program

Earn cash when you share a carpool or vanpool to work!

Download the free Hytch Rewards mobile app from the Apple App or Google Play store. Employers like Intuit use the Hytch Rewards platform to distribute special incentives to workers and visitors for making qualified, smart commuting decisions, like sharing rides to work.

When you Hytch, you're doing your part to help reduce climate change. It’s about leaving the world a better place than we found it — and doing everything we can to help protect our planet. In addition to qualified cash rewards from Intuit, other environmentally motivated sponsors are rewarding every Hytch trip with carbon offsets. No matter how you travel, your Hytch trips are carbon neutral!


  • At least 2 people using the Hytch Rewards app while carpooling or vanpooling.
  • Rides must begin or end at the Intuit San Diego campus, M-F from 5AM-9PM PST.
  • Users can qualify for more than one reward at a time.


✥ COMMUTE TO INTUIT: 1¢/mile, no cap on distance.

✥ COMMUTE FROM INTUIT: 1¢/mile, up to 30 miles.

EARLY ADOPTER BONUS: **Limited time** 5¢/mile for all rides TO or FROM Intuit campus (up to 15 miles or 75¢/trip).

PEAK COMMUTE BONUS: 2¢/mile bonus for trips taken TO Intuit campus during peak commute times (M-F from 6:00am - 9:00 am).

HOST BONUS: 1¢/mile bonus for the user who remembers to send invites to start the trip.

MULTIPLE PASSENGER: 1¢/mile bonus for all participants if the trip has at least 3 people sharing the ride.

All rewards are tied to the time your trip ends. To ensure you get the right reward, manually end your trip when you arrive.


3 employees share a 15 mile ride to Intuit and arrive at 8:30am.

15¢ (1¢ x 15mi) Commute Reward TO campus
15¢ (1¢ x 15mi) Host Bonus
75¢ (5¢ x 15mi) Early Adopter Bonus
30¢ (2¢ x 15mi) Peak Commute Bonus
15¢ (1¢ x 15mi) Multiple Passenger Bonus

Reward calculations for each user will differ slightly based on device, network connection, and other variables. In this example, the Host receives $1.50 and all other passengers would receive approximately $1.35.

7535 Torrey Santa Fe Rd, San Diego, CA 92129
7535 Torrey Santa Fe Rd, San Diego, CA 92129