Hytch Rewards Launch Party At Nissan Stadium

A quick look at some of the action that went on during our partner and sponsor launch with Nissan January 30, 2018. Humbled by the passionate and influential Tennesseans that came together to introduce the Hytch Rewards App as a groundbreaking solution to solve congestion.

“I genuinely believe you have to be a little crazy to do great things in this world.” - Matt Bourlakas CEO

Speakers - Topic - Title

• Mark Cleveland - "Welcome - Vision - People" - CEO, Hytch

• Steven Buhrman - "Why it Works - How it Works - How You Earn" - President, Hytch

• Dan Teeter "Intelligent Mobility - Innovation that Excites - Connected Vehicles - Why Nissan" - Vehicle Connected Services, Nissan

• Steve Hellum "Auto Industry Sustainability Visions - Thinking Big - Working Together" - Executive Director, Suppliers Partnership for the Environment

• Jimmy Granbery "Why Companies Sponsor Action Now - Growth - Cost of Parking - What's In It For Business" - CEO, HG Hill Realty

• Rogers Anderson "We Love Our Cars - Community Demand for Change - Rural/Regional Views - School Bus Rider Rewards Commitment with WCS and Hytch Rewards" - Williamson County Mayor, Chairman of the Middle Tennessee Regional Mayor’s Caucus

• Matthew Bourlakas "Bring it All Back to Workforce Development - Workforce Mobility - Pennies Matter - How Do Stacked Rewards Empower People - The Cost of Transportation - JOBS - Community" - CEO, Goodwill Middle TN

• Brian Moyer - President & CEO, Nashville Technology Council