“Earth Overshoot Day?” What’s that?

Have you heard of ”Earth Overshoot Day?” No? You are not alone and that is a big problem.

“Earth Overshoot Day” is the date each year that the human population uses up more resources than nature can renew for that year. In 2017, our “Earth Overshoot Day” was August 2nd. This is the earliest day that this has ever occurred and it is devastating. But, you can get involved via the Global Footprint Network (GFN).

The GFN is making tremendous efforts to #MoveTheDate. They have created a footprint calculator so you can find out your own personal “Earth Overshoot Day.”

One way to reduce your ecological footprint is to use public transit or rideshare with apps like Hytch. Sharing your commute with others can take one more carbon-emitting car off the road. Do your part to help turn back the clock on “Earth Overshoot Day” and get to use the HOV lanes while you're doing it. The Global Footprint Network has also shared specific tips on how to reduce your carbon footprint in other ways.

"Earth Overshoot Day" personal calculator

Share your results with us and use the hashtag #MoveTheDate to encourage others to learn more about their own “Earth Overshoot Day.”