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Contact Tracing: Driving Participation, Scale & Innovation from a Mobility Framework

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Join the Association of Commuter Transportation (ACT) hosting a diverse panel of experts.  Innovation will beat COVID19.  Gain insight from thought leaders on congestion management, the role of mobility data and a vision for how to inspire mass adoption from the perspective of a Governor, a data scientist, a human resources expert, a Bloomberg Mayors Challenge grant winner, a Metropolitan Planning Organization and the technology that binds this vision together.   

How can we address the topic of equity?

How can we connect people to job opportunities?

What about participation and privacy?

Any organization can create a safer environment to combat COVID-19 by including a strategy for mobility logging as a connective tissue between a safe home environment and a safe work environment - enabling more effective contact tracing.



Gov Martin O'Malley

Former Governor of Maryland


Aaron Steiner

Director of Mobility Innovation

City of South Bend


Dr. Trish Holliday

Leadership and Learning Strategist, Executive Coach



Dr. Charlie Apigian

Professor and Director

Middle Tennessee State Data Sciences Institute


Mark A. Cleveland

Co-Founder and CEO

Hytch Rewards

Bill Walton-200x200

Bill Walton

NBA Legend

Sean Pfalzer_Crop

Sean Pfalzer

Transportation Planning Manager

Greater Regional Nashville Council

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The 2020 Analytics Summit, produced by the Greater Nashville Technology Council in partnership with the Tennessee Chapter of HiMSS, will be hosting a two day virtual premiere conference on leveraging big data and analytics. The program is Presented by AWS and this year includes a healthcare analytics track.

Dr Charlie Apigian, Director of the Data Sciences Institute at Middle Tennessee State University, will be presenting: 

“The Third Wave of Public Transportation, a Data Driven and Incentive Based Approach to Public Mobility

  • Additional insights from MTSU's contributions to the pending USDOT study titled "Analysis of Travel Choices and Scenarios for Sharing Rides.”  highlighting data from the Nashville Study conducted by Hytch.
  • A predictive model will be presented for creating the sustainable ride sharing user.
  • Demonstrating the Hytch database framework, validating its flexibility and scalability to extend a market leading mobility platform to serve other public safety concerns such as contact tracing.
Screen Shot 2020-07-23 at 1.43.33 PM

The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the implementation of new rapid testing technologies, telehealth virtual care platforms, smarter technology in mobility, data analysis engines and intelligence deployed within the data itself - to protect all that data.  During this session the expert panel will present new technologies and clinical implementation of virtual health practices addressing COVID-19 and Chronic Illness Management.

Hytch will be featured in the Sertainty Tech Challenge where we will share our vision and deployment of self protecting data. We will demonstrate how users and employers benefit form our strategy for maximum data security at the intersection of transportation and health information. Its big data used for good, delivering safer mobility tracking and a practical COVID-19 contact tracing innovation that you can use today.