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Press Release: Employee Bonuses for Staying Home During COVID-19: Hytch Rewards App Launches ‘Shelter in Place’ Feature

Hytch Rewards, a technology solution that incentivizes smarter mobility decisions, today announced Shelter in Place, a new feature for its popular mobile app. Designed to encourage behavior that will limit the spread of COVID-19, Shelter in Place will pay daily cash rewards to sponsored U.S. residents who self-quarantine at home.


Nashville Radio Show: Hytch Rewards

Jeremy and Mark Cleveland, the co-founder and CEO of Hytch, discuss environmentalism, mobility, entrepreneurism, and what makes Nashville special.


Metro Magazine: How to create a viable alternative for cities without public transit access

Small to mid-sized cities often lack density, demand, and funding to support and implement a robust public transit system. The City of South Bend wrestled with these issues and has explored and incorporated alternate mobility solutions other than infrastructure to help connect people to jobs and opportunities.


Hytch launches Shelter in Place app feature to reward employers and workers for staying home

Employers can now use the Nashville-based mobility incentive platform’s Shelter in Place rewards to encourage their employees to engage in safe and healthy habits, ease financial burdens associated with teleworking or being furloughed and make sure that people are actually staying home.


COVID-19 – Mass transit, Stranger Danger and Work From Home

The spread of COVID-19 has hit the country like the tornadoes that hit Nashville two weeks ago. Every action that was once routine or taken for granted now requires thoughtful planning. How does this affect the Hytch community and what role does Hytch have in navigating these challenging times?


City of South Bend, Indiana, Launches Carpooling Incentive for Workers with Limited Transport Options

The focus of mobility solutions is often in urban centers and large cities but it’s critical to deliver reliable mobility solutions where transportation is a seen as a barrier to employment. Commuters Trust Program Indiana partners Hytch Rewards to help solve this problem.


Belmont Promotes Carpooling to Campus with Hytch Rewards

Tennessee Governor’s Environmental Stewardship Award winners Belmont University and Hytch Rewards are teaming up to provide cash incentives for the Belmont community whenever they share rides to the University. Furthering their commitment to sustainability and the environment.


Hypepotamus: Hytch Announces Plan to Make Transportation Carbon Neutral Nationwide

Since launching with partner Nissan, Hytch has sponsored more than 11.8 million miles in rides in Nashville – equivalent to 7.58 million undriven miles and 3,000 fewer tons of carbon. The new carbon neutral feature makes the platform accessible to more commuters wanting to reduce their carbon footprint.


Hytch Rewards offers carbon zero commuting for anyone in America

Transportation remains a major source of greenhouse gas emissions but Hytch announced its launch of the nation’s largest carbon offset program, free to any carbon footprint conscious commuter. Employers, brands and governments are partnering with Hytch to measure and monitor mobility incentives for a carbon free commute.


As New York, Seattle and San Francisco Weigh the Economics of Fair Congestion Pricing, Does a Start-Up in Music City have a Smarter Solution?

Congestion, single-occupancy vehicles, and carbon emissions increase everyday. The cost and time spent on commutes are taking a toll on commuters and cities. Public and private leaders are seeking alternative solutions that stimulate commuter behavior changes. It’s an exciting time for the transportation landscape!