The BAC community will be using the scale-tested Hytch platform to deliver micro cash incentives as the nudge to promote positive changes in mobility behavior. A TDM platform that connects people to job opportunities and critical services while promoting the habits of safer, greener, smarter mobility.

Hytch gets listed at #16 in this story by Deborah Sweeney. This story brings attention to our innovative approach to help employers incentivize their employee's Shelter in Place experience. This function has evolved, giving organizations a simple tool to help manage quarantine policy.

Data shows 60% of Americans are still moving around, reporting to work while many are working from home, under a mandatory or voluntary “sheltering in place” order. We all expect to manage the new normal and get moving again so here are some tips to keep you safe.

Hytch Rewards, a technology solution that incentivizes smarter mobility decisions, today announced Shelter in Place, a new feature for its popular mobile app. Designed to encourage behavior that will limit the spread of COVID-19, Shelter in Place will pay daily cash rewards to sponsored U.S. residents who self-quarantine at home.