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Dr. James Kuffner is the Chief Digital Officer, Board of Directors Member at Toyota Motor Corporation, and CEO at Toyota Research Institute – Advanced Development …


Webinar: Driving to Social Equity with Mobility Incentives

The above conversation was all about asking the right questions, and new ways of thinking about mobility policy and individualized incentives as the driver behind our recovery and resilience.


Free deployment of Hytch for BAC Members

The BAC community will be using the scale-tested Hytch platform to deliver micro cash incentives as the nudge to promote positive changes in mobility behavior. A TDM platform that connects people to job opportunities and critical services while promoting the habits of safer, greener, smarter mobility.


Hytch Trailblazer Sponsor of BAC 2020 Pacific Summit

As leaders evolve their thinking, it’s critical to remember what motivates people, what works in America and learn from other regions. That’s why Hytch Rewards is delighted to sponsor the Bay Area Council’s 2020 Pacific Summit taking place on 5 June Virtually.


23 Small Business Pivots During COVID-19

Hytch gets listed at #16 in this story by Deborah Sweeney. This story brings attention to our innovative approach to help employers incentivize their employee’s Shelter in Place experience. This function has evolved, giving organizations a simple tool to help manage quarantine policy.


Five Tips For a Safe Commute

Data shows 60% of Americans are still moving around, reporting to work while many are working from home, under a mandatory or voluntary “sheltering in place” order. We all expect to manage the new normal and get moving again so here are some tips to keep you safe.


SHRM: New Apps Address Employers’ COVID-19 Challenges

In response to the COVD-19 pandemic, many states and organizations have implemented the shelter in place compliance. Most shelter in place initiatives have been at the macro level but Hytch Rewards has introduced a new shelter in place feature which rewards individuals for good behavior.


Hytch Rewards continue waiving all service fees for employer and government partners of its Shelter in Place program.

The shelter in place feature on the Hytch Rewards app was introduced at the end of March. As a contribution to coronavirus response efforts, Hytch Rewards will continue waiving all service fees for employer and government partners of the Shelter in Place program.


Mobility Rewards App pivoting with its Shelter in Place program

The Hytch Rewards platform rewards its users for making smart mobility choices (ride-sharing, using public transit, or walking). Hytch has pivoted with the new Shelter in Place feature, which rewards people for staying at home. Congressman Jim Cooper and his office are among the first to use this new feature.


Hytch tech helps increase transportation options in South Bend, Ind.

Commuters Trust program, launched in 2019 under Mayor Pete Buttigieg, is in response to a lack of reliable transportation which was identified as a barrier to finding and maintaining employment. Hytch Rewards partners with Commuters Trust for an incentive-based, peer-to-peer ride-sharing solution for workers with limited access to public transit.