As an entrepreneurial technology innovator, a futurist, and business development executive, Steven Madge uses his global network of industry influencers to cross pollinate technologies and processes across multiple high tech industries. As a subject matter expert he is experienced in helping global clients in the high tech, automotive, IoT and, Smart Cities to speed their product ideas to market.

Focusing on the global mega trends including advanced mobility, connected cities, and the new experience economy, he utilizes advanced scientific technologies to radically transform the way business will be conducted in the future.

As a master networker with industry influencers, he is passionate about innovation, design, sustainability and product excellence. Steven has excellent product to market awareness, in what it takes to develop profitable “best in class” solutions that resonate with the ever-changing global markets. He is a builder and motivator of multidisciplinary teams, coaching and promoting them to think “outside of the box” to realize a future vision.